Clinical Social Worker,

Meet Alba Rosa

Transitions in life can present their unique set of challenges. My diversified set of experiences with children in crisis, mental health, and family intervention can provide guidance in establishing tools to implement during the process. 

As a clinical Social Worker with over 25 years of experience, I continue to use a Solution Focused Approach when intervening with individuals and families to develop effective coping strategies. In my clinical practice at the forefront of the intervention process, I use a systems theory approach to develop and enhance communication and interpersonal relations. Together, we can work to explore and identify resolutions to distressing or overwhelming situations at a pace that works for you. 

My Strength-Based Intervention with Child-Parent Relations involves emotional management and effective communication skills to provide positive reinforcements in your relationships with your toddler, teenager and/or young adult child. 

Services for Youth:

In my work with children and youth, I use a variety of methods (i.e., play-based approach, social stories) and aim to help them identify, express, and process their emotions in a safe space.