Counselling Practicum
Student - Master, C.C.C. 

Meet Kelly!

A registered social worker and dedicated professional currently pursuing her counselling psychology degree, Kelly is currently undertaking her practicum at our centre and is excited to collaborate with you.

Driven by compassion and a genuine desire to support individuals and couples, Kelly specializes in addressing anxiety, substance abuse, and trauma. Her approach is comprehensive, aiming to tackle these challenges holistically. With a compassionate, culturally sensitive, and non-judgmental stance, she creates a secure and welcoming environment for clients to explore their emotions and experiences.

Having extensive experience working with youth, adults, and families in crisis, Kelly recognizes the unique complexities inherent in each individual's journey. She tailors her therapeutic approach to suit the specific needs of every person, fostering growth, recovery, and overall well-being. By integrating evidence-based modalities into her practice, Kelly assists clients in gaining insights, developing effective coping mechanisms, and nurturing resilience.

In working with Kelly, you can expect a dedicated professional who will support you on your path to healing, providing a safe space to explore your challenges and empowering you to achieve personal growth and well-being.