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Our dedicated team of compassionate professionals is here to provide you with the support and guidance you need on your journey towards emotional well-being and personal growth. We strive to create a safe and nurturing environment where you can explore your thoughts, emotions, and experiences, and discover the strength within you to overcome obstacles and thrive. Together, let us embark on a transformative path towards healing, empowerment, and a brighter future.

Welcome to a place where positive change begins.

Meet the Team

Meet our exceptional team of compassionate and dedicated professionals committed to guiding you on your journey towards emotional well-being and personal growth. With diverse expertise in various therapeutic modalities, our team brings a holistic approach to healing, tailoring treatment plans to meet your unique needs. 

Jodie Thompson - Psychotherapist (T.S , TCF/CMFT MSc. A)

Chrissy Weber - Counsellor (M.A, CCC)

Elissa Landrigan - Counsellor (Doctoral Candidate, C.C.C.)

Paula Saunders - Clinical Social Worker (T.S, MSW)

Alba Rosa D'Andrea - Social Worker (T.S, MSW)

Sara Katanforoush - Counsellor (M.A, CCC)

Sarah Tevyaw - Art Therapist, (MA, ATR)

Lois Cumming - Professional Coach, (B.A., PCC)

Kelly Angelis
Practicum (Master Candidate, C.C.C.)

Lisy Lortie
Client Care Coordinator

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Mental health resources are essential lifelines for anyone facing emotional challenges and seeking support. These valuable resources come in various forms, including counseling services, support groups, helplines, and online platforms. No matter the journey, mental health resources play a crucial role in promoting well-being and reminding us that help is always within reach.

You are not alone – support is here for you.